Hallucinations: Perhaps all we see is like that

eye close up

I have really appreciated the MIT trained cognitive psychologist and University of California professor Donald Hoffman since hearing him speak a couple of times at conferences. I recently read a book review and interview with him in Psychology Today available here.

The article discusses how Hoffman helped develop a mathematical argument that our perceptions most likely do not reflect reality.

He expresses how in a sense all we see is a hallucination, generated by our mind, that does not resemble reality. It may be useful like icons to click on the computer screen, but reality is something much different in the hardware and processes behind it.

He came to the perspective exploring mathematical models for perception about 8 years before I started seeing reality in this way as well. I was in a sensation and perception class at the time digesting these concepts along with integrating the information with what I had recently learned in organic chemistry about the building blocks of physical matter. Mind blowing!